end of summer purge

End of Summer Purge

Summertime Purge 

Pick a healthy starting point for your end of summer purge, nothing too drastic or stressful though. Start with your closet or clean up the backyard. Getting to it sooner than later is ideal. You must make the choice to organize and purge unnecessary items before the duty is thrust upon you; like by a judge or a mother-in-law.  Here are some tips to start the Summertime purge. 

1. Throw away broken stuff. It’s always a good idea to get rid of garbage and junk. Separate into two piles and get rid of the broken stuff, bits of trash that are mucking up your karma. What’s left is all yours.

2. You can start by selling useful items to a pawn shop. Empty your pantry of unused machines like bread makers, insta-pots and such. It’s time to rid yourself of clutter. The general rule is, if you haven’t used it in a year, it just may be clutter. Sell or recycle jewelry, figurines, and assorted trinkets. Exercise machines and electronics not being used should also be sold.

3. Get up and hose off the garden. Plants like to be clean and fresh. Then paint something useful, like a garden table. Projects are good for the soul. Take a funky table and spruce it up with a coat of paint. It will be lovely with a nice plant arrangement.

4. Cleanup any piles of paper that might be around. Bills, medical statements, advertisements and what have you. Paper collectables are often dust collectors and nothing more. Old files should be sorted and discarded.

5. Give something away. If you can’t use it and you can’t sell it, let go of it. Too much stuff is a sure sign that life is good, but in need of some organization. Then too, that it’s time to downsize. After all, where are you going to put all your new stuff, which has never stopped coming in all this time?

Decluttering is a dirty job, but it doesn’t go away, it just gets worse if you let it. Keep up with the clutter! Do an end of summer purge and come in to our pawn shop to see what we can offer you.