2020 Gold Prices - Pawn Jewelry

Gold Prices Rise in 2020! Pawning Jewelry!

In With the New, Out with the GOLD!

Following the trends of the past few years, prices for gold continue to rise for 2020, making this the perfect time to trade in that unused gold for cash! Now is the time to clear out all that unworn jewelry and unused coins while the market for gold is at a record high!

Out With the Gold

Do you have unworn gold jewelry collecting dust? Or maybe some dental work or gold coins? Now is the perfect time to trade those items in for cash! To sell to a pawn shop, you not only declutter your home but by trading in pawn jewelry, you can rake in the cash! In order to sell to pawn shop, it’s a simple, quick procedure, taking only minutes to leave the pawn jewelry at the store and leaving with cash. Sure, there are other ways to turn the unwanted gold to cash, but when you sell to our pawn shop, you have the security of having the gold never leave your sight, unlike online selling.

Some things to remember as you are considering selling your gold.

  • Educating yourself on the quality of gold you own, you can also know what to expect before leaving your house. Gold that is stamped is much easier to figure out the worth than gold plated jewelry. Remember, the higher the number of carats, the higher the dollar figure you can expect.
  • You also can expect more from a pawn shop than a gold buying store, as people that sell to pawn shops tend to be repeat customers and pawn shops will give a better price to keep you coming back.
  • Also, any reputable pawn shop will tell you over the phone what they are willing to pay for quality gold, saving you the time and effort of visiting multiple shops.

So remember, if you have jewelry sitting around from relatives, old flames, or maybe some gold coins are taking up space in a drawer… you won’t find a better time than now to sell to our pawn shop and get the best price for your gold!

2020 Gold Prices - Pawn Jewelry

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