Spring cleaning

It’ Spring Cleaning Season, Sell to a Pawn Shop!

Spring cleaning is coming, why not sell to a pawn shop!

How have things been going?

Let’s face it, times have been hard, and stuff just continues to pile up. So, start doing some spring cleaning and clearing out your home to make room for something new, fun, and exciting. What better way to do that, and make money, than sell to a Pawn Shop?

Not sure where to go? 610pawnshop.com is the website for you if you have things that you want to get rid of and put a little cash in your pocket.

Why sell to pawn shop?

  • When you sell to a pawn shop, you’re not just helping a business grow or expand its inventory, you’re helping out a neighbor obtain something that they may need at a fair price.
  • You’re also supporting local business owners to contribute to your community.
  • You allow your spring cleaning to do more than clear out the attic by giving yourself that peace of mind knowing that you’ve improved your home.
  • You never know what you might find.

Most of these collectors will eventually decide that it is time to sell and when they do, they look to pawn shops.

  • Precious Metals
  • Antique toys
  • Stamps
  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • And much more

spring cleaning

Space for that hobby you’ve been wanting to start

Once you’re done cleaning you might be surprised at how much space has opened up for things like:

  • A Home gym
  • Knitting and crocheting space
  • A reading nook
  • A place to draw or paint

How will I know if I’m getting a good deal? 

Pawn shop associates have gained:

  •  Experience in knowing what an item is worth.
  • The ability to find out if what it’s worth if they don’t know.
  • And the integrity to inform you of the best options so you can make an educated decision.

What have we learned?

Spring cleaning is an excellent way to rid yourself and your home of unwanted clutter and to give you that feeling of accomplishment that we all desire. When you buy at and sell to a pawn shop, you know you’re getting a fair price. You will also be supporting local businesses and community members through an honest means of commerce. You may just find that book, stone, piece of art, ring, gun, stamp, or the missing piece to your collection that will make it whole and even more valuable.


Spring Cleaning, what to sell at a pawn shop

Spring Cleaning, What to sell at a Pawn Shop.

Spring Cleaning, What to sell at a Pawn Shop. 

Spring cleaning is generally either looked forward to with delight for a freshly organized home or dreaded as a necessary evil. Either way, wouldn’t it be nice if it actually paid off to get your cleaning done this year? No, this isn’t the daunting idea of a garage sale that’s usually more work than profit. Let the pawn shop do all the selling work; you just collect the cash. 

Thanks to the rule of “one man’s trash being another man’s treasure” and a little help from your local pawn shop, your spring cleaning can quickly and easily give you a little extra incentive this year. How? 

A recent study performed by Nielsen on behalf of eBay found that the average home’s unused items are worth over $3,000. That’s a lot of cash you’re literally dusting off and setting back in storage until next year’s spring cleaning. For most people, that loot is in the form of clothes and electronics, but there may be many more household items that you can transform into quick cash. 

So, what hidden treasures should you load up and bring to sell to pawn shop? 

1) Cooking Gear 

Whether it’s a newer model small appliance in great working order that you never use or a vintage mixer from the 60s to Fiestaware or brightly-colored Depression glass, cooking gear is a hot commodity to sell to pawn shop. 

2) Watches 

While high-value brands like Rolex and Omega will bring the big bucks, most pawn shops will consider any watch that’s in good working order. Some pawnbrokers even accept watches that aren’t running. Antique watches, like pocket watches, can bring you $50 or more. 

Spring Cleaning, what to sell at a pawn shop

3) Money And Stamps 

It may be time to turn loose of your coin, paper money, or stamp collection. Collectors frequent pawn shops in search of rarities like these. Depending on the condition, you could walk away with hundreds to thousands in profit. 

4) Electronics 

Did you know the average household has over 20 electronic items? Most of them aren’t even used on a monthly basis. Turn your old computer, smartphone, gaming system, printer, and so forth into quick and easy cash. Just don’t expect the same payout as with coins and expensive watches. Most everyday electronics depreciate in value significantly with age. Don’t forget the games for gaming stations, too. 

5) Toys 

Hot Wheels and Beanie Babies are likely just sentimental toys that may be better donated to a local thrift store. Certain toys, though, such as American Girl Dolls and vintage wind-up toys, are big collectible items. Expect MIB (mint condition in the box) toys to bring the best prices. 

6) Memorabilia 

Whether it be celebrity items, such as a letter from Elvis, or sports memorabilia, such as a rare baseball card, pawn shops love memorabilia. Autographs on the items drastically raise the value of most memorabilia items. Military memorabilia are also in high-demand. 

7) Musical instruments 

Bring in guitars, especially if they’re vintage. Even your old saxophone from high school marching band can fetch a few dollars, especially if it’s still in good working order. 

8) Jewelry 

Gold, silver, and platinum pieces will be appraised for value based on markings, weight, and current market values when you sell to a pawn shop. Precious and semi-precious gems, such as diamonds and rubies, are appraised based on color, clarity, cut, and carat. Antique, handmade Native American pieces and artisan jewelry can also be valuable. 

9) Vintage 

From clothes, eyeglasses, and furniture to handbags, photographs, and workout gear, consumers look high and low for anything vintage these days. Even if the item is in poor shape, many consumers look for these items to repurpose into something new. If you sell to a pawn shop, you can make a killing with old vintage items you’re not using. 

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