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Summer Guide from your Local Pawn Shop

Today’s Best Summer Guide for You and Your Family 

Well, it’s that time of year again. The temperatures are rising, the sun is staying out longer, and watermelon slices are a coveted commodity. It’s almost Summer. And because most states are now lifting the tiring Covid- 19 restrictions and mandates this summer, people will be traveling more and going out and about. Not to mention, reuniting with friends and family in person. So, it’s a good time now to get summer ready by shopping for cool-weather clothes, travel gear, and sporting goods. This years summer guide comes from our pawn shop! Because this year, many of us are getting our vaccinations and will now be returning to a mask-free lifestyle. I think it’s safe to say, being able to spend more quality time outdoors and enjoy taking in Mother Nature’s fresh air is the game plan. Whether your summer plans are to take a much needed road trip or just kick off your shoes chillin at home, it’s a good idea to unwind from the year’s stress by exercising more and socializing often in the great outdoors. 

Here are a few simple, basic go-to ideas that will help you and yours get summer ready to rock and roll: 

~ Run don’t walk to your nearest pawn shop for sporting goods. Yes a pawn shop!  Enjoy stocking up on a menagerie of sports essentials like baseball equipment or golf clubs.  Perhaps you’ll be spending time at the ocean or lake side, so you’ll want to get a good quality body board, fishing rod, or water skis. If it’s a road trip campout plan, you’ll want to invest in a good bike, cookout equipment, and a good GPS.  Pawn shops have all of these things!

~ Barbecue grills and comfy outdoor furniture. After enduring a year of indoor zoom calls and social distancing rules, it will feel like heaven being able to once again connect face to face with friends and neighbors this summer. But you’ll need to kickstart things off by sprucing up your patio or backyard with comfortable patio furniture, low maintenance plants, and zen-inspired decor like a natural stone Buddha waterfall statue. And your backyard ambience isn’t complete without an essential barbecue grill. What’s really trending for summertime is the Weber Master Touch Charcoal Grill. This awesome outdoor grill holds up to 13 burgers and has a built-in lid thermometer that reads the grill’s internal temperature. What’s cool about this charcoal grill? It comes in six colors including lime green! Check out your local pawn shop to see if they have any. 

Parents and kids alike this summer will enjoy more than ever the great outdoors. Don’t forget to visit your local pawn shop for these items!  Check out what 610 Pawn Shop has to offer here.