Clear Clutter – Sell to Pawn Shop

One of the best home cleaning tips many professional decorators and organizers stress is to clear home clutter. This way, you have less housework to do in the first place, and it makes your spaces more attractive. You can even make some extra money by selling your excess items. Having an annual garage sale to declutter your house is one option, as well as selling directly to others through online platforms. However, a less time-consuming choice is to sell to pawn shop, where you can get instant cash for your more valuable objects.

Reorganize your Jewelry
Start small by emptying out drawers and closet shelves first. One place to look for the easiest items to sell to pawn shop is inside your jewelry boxes. Take out all the pieces you wear frequently, as well as family heirlooms you plan on passing down, and set those aside to place back into your jewelry box. Then, use a real critical eye to decide on which other trinkets you’ll keep and which you’ll sell.

Declutter Room-By-Room
Another of the great home cleaning tips offered by professionals and everyday people alike is to concentrate on one room at a time while you clear home clutter. This stops the process from becoming overwhelming. Create three piles for your items, one to keep, one to sell, and one to donate. Next, separate valuable items to try to sell to pawn shop before going through the long process of getting them ready to list elsewhere. Along with electronics and musical instruments, some lesser-known items many shops purchase are unique decorative pieces and artwork.

Take Stock of Storage Spaces
Clear home clutter before it becomes a problem by going through your storage areas. Attics, basements, and garages can hide long-forgotten treasures. Make room for new gems by letting go of antiques, tools, and other items you never use.


Among all the other top home cleaning tips to take to heart is to let go of what no longer serves a purpose in your life. Clear home clutter to help declutter your mind. Then, sell to pawn shop to fund the making of new memories.

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