Should I sell my designer purse?

Should I Sell My Designer Purse?

Designer purses, how can I sell them?

Are you strapped for cash but have an amazing handbag that you don’t use? Should you sell your designer purse? Designer purses are symbols of prosperity, seen upon the arms of the wealthy. But, these handbags have become more accessible, creating the availability of a gently used designer purse with a few key issues to consider.

How do I know it’s authentic?

Designer “knock-offs” abound and there is no shortage of unscrupulous purveyors of cheap imitations. They are not easily recognized unless evaluated when we sell to pawn shop experts. How do we make certain the investment in a gently used designer purse is worth it? The sell to a pawn shop route has become the preferred method to avoid this trap.

Why sell to pawn shop instead of buying or selling online or consignment store?

To generate money, selling to a pawn shop offers immediate cash. Utilizing a consignment store could take months when selling luxury handbags, and the terms of sale vary widely. Some offer the seller no further notifications after it’s consigned, while some contracts dictate the item will be donated or kept by the store if not sold within a prescribed period of time. It is imperative that the handbag owner read the fine print thoroughly. These same problematic issues exist in online sales as well.

How can I make this process the most expedient?

Should I sell my designer purse?

When one consigns a designer bag or places it for sale online, there is usually no method of authentication, meaning a buyer beware situation when purchasing a gently used designer bag. Many of us have unwittingly paid far too much for a cheap knock-off. In fact, some online consignments charge the seller extra for authentication. When selling luxury handbags with a brick-and-mortar consignment shop, there’s one trip to the store to assess the article, another trip to drop it off and sign the contract and yet another trip back to pick up the money or unsold bag. 

If one sells to a pawn shop, it’s a one trip transaction, leaving with money in hand. The buyer of the bag can be certain that the expert eyes of the pawnshop has authenticated the luxury bag before it is priced for sale. 

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