Holiday Pawn Gift Guide

Holiday Pawn Gift Guide

Gift Guide from your Local Pawn Shop

Your holiday experience can be exciting and less stressful shopping at a pawn shop. Holiday shopping is always complicated; finding unique gifts can be difficult. Going to large stores, wading through the crowds, and browsing through thousands of items is frustrating. Pawnshops offer unique and unusual items that you can’t find elsewhere for much lower prices. Plus, you can sell items and put that money towards your shopping list, sort of a roundabout regifting system.

The stock in pawnshops is always changing. Below is a Holiday Pawn Gift Guide with examples of what types of items you can find in pawnshops to help you unearth original one-of-a-kind gifts.


Pawnshops carry large collections of antiques like furniture, accent pieces, birdcages, statues, canes, silver dishes, and flatware. Finding rare collectible coins is much simpler too.

•Gold and Gem Jewelry

Pawnshops have always been known to carry extensive selections of gold jewelry. It’s also where you can find those interesting gem cuts that make a piece special. This also the best place to find period pieces and antique jewelry not available in any modern stores.

•Classy Designer Styles

Shopping for the fashion bug is easy; you can always find designer watches such as Rolex, Invicta, Carrera, Jacob & Co., and Audemars Piguet. Save money while you impress with gifts like designer bags like Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci.

Holiday Pawn Gift Guide•Entertainment and Business Gifts

Looking for coworkers holiday gifts or shopping for electronics for the family? Pawnshops have vast selections of televisions, laptops, headsets, speakers, cameras, game consoles, and video games.

•For Guys and Yes Gals Too

Looking for expensive tools for the DIY guys and gals, you can get your hands on brand name power tools like Dewalt, Ryobi, Matabo, and Bosch for huge savings. For the gun collectors, pawn shops are the spot to find those older difficult to find guns at prices you wouldn’t believe.

•For Music Lovers

Musical instruments can be expensive. Avoid paying high prices for holiday gifts by finding items like guitars, amps, keyboards, flutes, drum sets, violins, clarinets, saxophones, and more at 610 Pawn & Jewelry. If you are shopping for hard-to-find items, you have better odds of finding discontinued and antique instruments shopping at a pawn shop.

•Kids and Family

Want to find something the whole family can do together? Gift the family with bicycles; everyone can have fun while they build strength and stay healthy together. You can find baby supplies, discontinued toys or games, and hard to find collectibles for the little ones.

Pawnshops are safe and have friendly staff. Most also offer layaway options for shoppers on a budget. You can also find 610 Pawnshop auctions on eBay too!