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At 610 Pawn & Jewelry, we take the time to listen to your personal needs and strive to meet them with a positive approach. We are your friends and neighbors and live in the communities we serve.

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The way we see it, we are no different than you. We live in this horrible local economy too and know how tough it has become to meet financial obligations and maintain a budget. Unexpected events are constantly taking their toll on our wallets. Everyone needs a bargain or some cash at some point, and needs it fast for one reason or another. What you need it for is your business; helping you get it is our business.

How to Pawn

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In a financial bind or just looking for a bargain?
Get better options for life’s unexpected situations.

Pawn shops offer collateral loans under circumstances where banks are unwilling to help. Customers bring items to a pawnbroker to secure short-term loans. Loans are normally contracted for 30 day periods, and have renewable terms in consideration of a nominal monthly fee. If the customer defaults on the pawn/loan, the pawnbroker places the collateral out for sale to recoup his cost and expenses. Pawnbrokers also directly purchase items from customers as well, in the event that the individual simply wants to trade his or her items for cash outright.

How to Sell

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We are here to help you buy the things you really want, at a great and fair price!

A reputable pawnbroker can be a tremendous asset to anyone; whether looking for something unique for that special someone or in need of an inexpensive alternative to complete a household task,we help customers by finding the merchandise they want at better prices.

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